EMR Scribes provides the highest level of trained medical scribes to physicians and physician groups who aim to streamline their practice and maximize profit.

We provide customized scribe training and management, tailored to the individual physician’s practice, specific Electronic Medical Record and specialty. Insuring higher levels of charting, greater reimbursement and the ultimate level of efficiency.

EMR Scribes also provides the most comprehensive continued training program and management to ensure the highest level of documentation is achieved, surpassing the latest government standards.


EMR Scribes’ mission is to assist the physician by training scribes in how to implement accurate Electronic Medical Record documentation and relieve the provider of data gathering. Through this, the physician’s productivity and patient output increase, so that the goal of providing quality medical care is achieved in a more cost effective manner.


With EMR Scribes’ commitment to training excellence we enhance the quality of care for both practitioners and patients. Through each of our business relationships we will continue to revolutionize the practice of electronic medical record documentation.


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