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We strive to make access to our premier medical scribe service as simple to use as possible. That is why we have introduced ScribeSync, our new initiative to bring live scribing to you, wherever, whenever.

Benefits of a Virtual Scribe:

–  Secure and efficient same-day completion of patient charts.
–  Non-obtrusive presence in clinic.
–  Increased physician efficiency, saving time while increasing revenues.

how it works

An initial visit and evaluation of our medical scribe service to your practice/clinic/facility/hospital with an in person clinical trial of our ScribeSync service.

EMR Scribes’ team of experienced elite medical scribes, based in Orlando, FL, initiate a HIPAA-compliant VOIP virtual conference with the physician.

The physician, using a provided tablet, or their own device, may join the virtual conference. (Our service is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices)

The virtual scribe will now remotely accompany the physician in exam rooms throughout the day, allowing for complete and real time documentation of patient encounters, with little to no documentation required by the provider.

At the provider’s discretion, time may be set aside to review notes with the virtual scribe.

What we require:

–  Reliable Internet Connection
–  Web-Based Electronic Medical Record.

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