Initial office assessment and EMR analysis

Continued training as Government mandates are updated


24/7/365 Customer Service

Comprehensive multi-level training of all staff

Implementation of medical scribes trained on specific EMR's

Elite Scribes

EMR Scribes is a medical scribe staffing service which provides elite trained medical scribes to maximize the physician’s time and profit. EMR Scribes provides the most well trained and intelligent scribe staff to medical practices, outpatient clinics, government facilities and hospitals.

Multilevel Training

Through a sophisticated recruitment process, EMR Scribes obtains the most qualified personnel and cultivates staff with a rigorous multilevel scribe training program.

Accuracy & Efficiency

EMR Scribes customizes the scribe implementation to each individual physician, specialty and EMR used. Insuring maximized chart completeness, accuracy and efficiency are the foundation of our business and we deliver the highest level of coding and billing for the physician.


By selecting only the best applicants and graduating only the top candidates who excelled in our training programs allows us to provide the most elite staff and highest standardization in medical scribe documentation.

Individualized Training

Through our individualized training classes and continued dedication to improving our medical scribes abilities with our rigorous training program, we insure the most efficient and knowledgeable staff. Our uniform training program which uses our medical scribe textbook, developed to be the most comprehensive in the marketplace. This gives our scribes the confidence to excel upon implementation to your practice.

The EMR Scribes Elite Training Program



Once training for your individual office is complete, every scribe will have a 90-day probation period where EMR Scribes will review and ensure individuals success with your group. In addition to monthly meetings, we will follow each of the scribes’ continued performance and keep your practice running efficiently and managed effectively. To guarantee your complete satisfaction, you may have as much or as little participation as desired in this process, allowing your focus to remain on quality patient care. Enjoy all the benefits of a professionally managed medical scribe program with increased assurance of excellence.

Implementations are typically complete in 1-2 months.